Chalo Baag Chale

’Chalo Baag Chale’ is a special project which consists of a set of guidelines, ethics and ideas that represent the most efficient or prudent course of action.The programme is developed to promote civic sense and civic culture among our children. M.P International School emphasizes moral and ethical values and promotes practices suitable for enhancement of these senses. The future of our communities depends on a generation, not only skilled in academics, but also excited about belonging to an educated community. That community will only arise if today’s children are engaged and connected with the school. Effective schools create an environment that increases academic, social and emotional success- an environment which promotes best practices, leading to strong school connectedness. Students are more likely to succeed when they feel connected to school.

The primary goal of this project is to build a close, respectful and productive relationship between the students and their mentors. Another aspect of this project is to promote school-wide environment, creating a zone of physical, emotional and academic safety. By creating this safety zone, it encouraged students to feel valued and competent and to act with pride and respect for school policies and property. Our school educates all children by developing research-based school-wide discipline systems, by trained professionals. The process focuses on improving and supporting positive behaviour for all students.

‘Chalo Baag Chale’ promotes the characteristics that make the youth more resilient and civic conscious. This helps our school excel by making the students feel safe, supported and capable of solving academic and personal challenges-bringing out in them, the best of their version. The school staff will unite to establish high academic and behavioral standards in an academically, emotionally and socially safe learning environment where every student reaches their personal best through flexible and relevant direction.



  • Character building
  • Necessity of cleanliness and hygiene
  • Maintenance of class decorum
  • Inculcate the values of empathy, compassion and honesty
  •  Promote brotherhood and co-operation
  •  Importance of punctuality and discipline
  • Respect towards elders
  • Develop obedience
  • Teach the basic traffic rules
  • Encourage to take up any hobby (gardening, drawing)


  • Instil  Patriotism
  • Distinguish right from wrong
  • Build up leadership quality
  • Indiscrimination based on gender, religion, race ,colour, etc
  • Inculcate kindness, compassion, gratitude, unselfishness, etc
  • Importance of bonding with family
  • Develop a sense of belonging to the school
  • Necessity to keep oneself and the surroundings clean
  • Learn to build friendships
  • Cultivate healthy habits
  • Build up moral courage and personal responsibility


  • Build tolerance
  • Respect for others opinions
  • Demonstrate willingness to serve the community and society
  • Develop ability to make fair decisions at all times
  • Build proper etiquette
  • Instil generosity and empathy
  • Disinclination towards bullying
  • Develop graciousness and team spirit
  • Defend and Abide by the constitution
  • Instigate service learning(take part in ncc , nss)
  • Efficient tackling of adolescent problems
  • Readiness to volunteer
  • Promote moral uprightness


  • Participation in the local community
  • Respect and obey federal, state and local laws
  • Willingness to overcome challenges
  • Inculcate a sense of national pride and loyalty
  • Integrity of behaviour
  • Perseverant love for learning
  • Develop traits of good leadership
  • Value the diversity of the nation
  • Institute tolerance
  • Demonstrate filial act towards elders(parents , grandparents, etc )
  • Readiness to volunteer and serve the society
  • Understand the concerns of society and develop ways to solve them
  • Develop moral values like righteousness, forgiveness, love, kindness, etc