Student Houses

Our school is divided into sub units called “houses” and we follow four house system. Each student is allocated to one house at the moment of enrollment. Houses compete with one another at arts ,sports and in other ways, thus providing a focus for group loyalty. The houses are named after four famous universities ,namely Harvard ,Stanford, Oxford and Cambridge. Each house has got a head who is known as Vice Chancellor ,its own color , its own flag and its own core value ,namely compassion, purity, honesty and unselfishness
A secondary feature of house systems is the competition between houses. For example, the traditional school sports day is usually an inter-house competition. Debating competitions and charity drives are also often organised along inter-house lines. Merit points for behaviour and academic achievement may also be totalled up for comparison between houses.
We organize year-long programme of inter-house events, in which each house “hosts” an event at which all houses compete, with points contributing to the award of the House Cup at the end of the year.