4.PTA Executive Committee

PTA executive committee is a committee of parents and teachers who work together for the welfare of the students, parents and teachers. There are 15 members in the executive committee and the number of female members should be equal or more than equal. Representation from each section is mandatory.

The first meeting of executive committee and General body meeting be on the same day so that the President, Vice President etc. can be elected. The duration for being a PTA president is limited to three consecutive years.

PTA membership fee is mandatory for all parents every year. The membership fee should be given either at the time of admission or in the first month

President [A/H ] :Mr Muneer

Vice President : Mrs Shameem

Vice President : Mr Hashim Ankola

General Secretary :Dr Abdul Jaleel Marthya

Joint Secretary : Mrs Khadeejath Raihana P S

Joint Secretary : Mrs Rahina

Treasurer : Mr Sherifuddin

Member :Mr Shuhaib

Member :Mr Mohammed Rashad

Member : Mr Mohammed Rafeeque

Member : Mrs Delna Wilson

Member : Mrs Lakshmi K

Member : Mr Abdul Rahseed

Member : Mr Noushad A

Member : Mr Mohammed Haneef

Member : Mrs Fathima K A

Member : Mr Noushad A N

Member : Mrs Tanveen