2.Health and Fitness

It should be ensured that all students participate in Mass P.T. / Yoga. Any other activity, which leads to a connection of the physical body with the mind and with the inner workings of the body, and also leads to an improvement in overall health and fitness, can also be taken up, such as Aerobics, Dance, Calisthenics, Jogging, Cross Country Run, working out using weights/gym equipment, Tai-Chi etc. Children who are ready for it, may in addition, also participate in learning the nuances of meditation and its impact on stress management.

Efforts should be made that each child participates. Modify the activity as per his/her requirement. Class mates can come up with creative ways for inclusion. If movement is not possible at all, then aided movement can be considered for CWSN (Children with Special Needs). If some learning is possible, let the CWSN learn about the intricacies of the activity. Meditation can be taken up. If they are interested in art work or music, let them create their own version of the game in art or music or any other form. Students are free to innovate their own mechanisms for inclusion under the guidance of their class teachers.

Outcomes/ Values Imbibed:

• A commitment to exercising safely and effectively for the benefit of personal health and wellness.

• Learning about how body responds to health and fitness interventions.

• An understanding of the connection with the inner workings of the body and how the body responds to external stimuli