School Improvement Plan

In order to provide quality education for all children, the need for effective school and improving school performance is increasingly being felt in the Indian education system.Therefore we concentrate on quality programmes ,their success and their improvement in our school as an individual institution to contribute to the national education system at large.

MP International School views “Student Assessment” as the means and “Student Development” as our goal. We evaluate the student performance against the well defined criteria under our school Standards and Evaluation Framework.

The student development data gathered gets analysed at the class, department ,stage, section head and the Principal level and the action plan for continuous school improvement gets strategically planned at seven crucial domains which are

  1. Enabling Resources of School: Availability, Adequacy and Usability
  2. Teaching-learning and Assessment
  3. Learners’ Progress, Attainment and Development
  4. Managing Teacher Performance and Professional Development
  5. School Leadership and Management
  6. Inclusion, Health and Safety
  7. Productive Community Participation