Chairman’s Message

Education is not just imparting or acquiring information and knowledge. True education is the one which provides the student with sufficient tools of practical knowledge and hands on experience to empower him to take up any given task and complete it with required success with an ethical and humane approach. The future educational policy should aim at generating experts in every walk of life with sufficient specialized knowledge and experience without ignoring the basic needs of inculcating moral and human values in the student. This calls for identification of the inborn taste, aptitude and talent in the student at a young age itself as a prerequisite.

In short, education should be the process of empowering a person to have a deeper insight into a successful life. The ultimate aim of education should be a total personality development through a holistic approach. Education that does not lead a person to have sufficient skills in the chosen trade and a wider perspective of life without having a soft and empathetic approach to the fellow beings will be a wasteful exercise.

Dr. M. A. Mohammed Shafi [Chairman, M P Charitable Trust]