Athletics:Any one or more games or activity out of Athletics/ Swimming, Team Games, Individual Games and Adventure Sports must be taken up by each student as an individual, or as a class team or as a school team . Track and field events that require physical strength, speed/skill, such as, racing against own best timing and with others over different distances; relay races; marathons, cross country running, race walking, throwing for distance and aiming onto/at targets; jumping for height; jumping for distance; swimming against own best timing and with others, over different distances

Team Games : Invasion Games: Basketball, Hockey, Kabaddi, Netball, Gallery, Football, Water Polo, Judo, Karate/ Self Defence • Net Games: Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Squash Volleyball • Inning Games: Cricket, Kho-Kho, Rounders, Softball, Stoolball • Target Games: Archery, Boccia, Bowls, Golf

Individual Games : Gymnastics, Skating, Judo, Wrestling, Boxing, Fencing, etc. Outcomes/ Values Imbibed: • Taking responsibility for one’s involvement in activity (Self-Awareness) • Personal satisfaction, self reliance and self accountability • Improved self esteem and confidence • A desire to compete for oneself

Adventure Sports : Trekking; Nature Bathing (walking in natural surroundings, such as forests, mountains, alongside rivers, etc.), wall/rock climbing; rappelling; camping; rafting; mountain biking; skiing; personal survival and lifesaving, first-aid, etc