School Safety Committee

The committee shall:

(a) Make recommendations to those it advises on policies and strategies to improve school safety and student well-being;

(b) Identify emerging issues and best practices for consideration and implementation, particularly as these relate to the integration of student well-being and school safety;

(c) Establish priorities for training, statewide data collection, and other forms of support for students, schools, and school districts;

(d) Engage the public on school safety and student well-being; and

(e) Perform other duties as required by law.

SSC/001Dr Abdul Jaleel MarthyaPrincipalChairman
SSC/002Mr Arun Station Officer[KFRS] Member
SSC/003Mr Tony S IsaacExcise InspectorMember
SSC/004Mr KrishnakumarAnti-narcotics Member
SSC/005Ms SreejaHazard AnalystMember
SSC/006Mr M ChandranHealth InspectorMember