Diskha – Mandatory Completion

All the teachers of our institution have to complete 10 online courses during an academic year to upgrade their skill level and competency and submit the copy of their certificate of completion. The school training policy is particular about upgradation of teacher skills and competency.

Name of TeacherCompetency Based Education-Level 1Competency Based Education-Level 2 Competency Based Education-Level 3Competency Based Education-Level 4 Experiential Learning CourseIntegration of ICT in Teaching ,Learning and Assessment
Mrs.Murshida Y2S9W2X1P4U9
Ms.Nuha Fathima G7X2R8U7M3E6
Mr. Khalid.T.M D3U1A5XR67X1
Mrs.Delna WilsonV8MIP7X3M4A5
Mrs Baby TP KanmaniQ5D6D6G4Z9H7
Mrs. VidyalakshmiY8S2Y1B7W2U6E7H4W4
Mrs Anju Kurian V3M6T4 S4Z9U9
Mrs.Fathimath Sarfeenath Z8H2L6 Y4F1M4
Ms.Sushmitha.BS N8Q1Y8 R5G3J6E2U3Q2N5N5D2W8P2R2
Mrs.Fathimath SumanishanaQ2S8C5F1F3R3Q5V7W1B4K7W6
Mrs. Zakiya Banu KX1H4B5E7H2S5
Mrs Deepika S F9M4E3 C5H4F6 P2K3J1 Y6E5X3Z5C6G9
Mrs. Kavithakumari BKF6 M4GSK4M6T1
Mrs.Shilpa CV2E6R4D2W6Z4B8K1L4U9C5N6A8A1F9
Ms.Zainaba Aswariya T.A T4W8U7R7Q9X6
Ms.Soha MumthazP2A4M7U5G2L7 H6M2N5F1F3R3W7X6M4
Mrs.Sini V KK7v1D6G8R1E7D9M5A1Y4Z1N1J8L3L5
Mrs.Uma .DG7Q2P2