School Protection Group

The school protection group is formed to ensure safety of children and to curb tendency for juvenile delinquency as well as to protect children from becoming victims of illegal activities. The SPG is chaired by the Principal and the Station House Officer is the Convener.

The SPG will

  • Take action to ensure traffic safety in the school area and surroundings.
  • Collect and communicate information regarding selling of supply of drugs and narcotic substances ,pornographic materials,sale of tobacco products,pan masala,alchoholic beverages etc
  • Collect information about students who go away from the school during class hours and loiter in the vicinity
  • Keep a watch over persons who befriend children with a view to exploiting them for illegal or immoral activities.
PortfolioName Designation
SPG001Dr Abdul Jaleel MarthyaChairman
SPG002Mr Manoj V V [SHO Vidyanagar]Convener
SPG003Mr Bhaskaran [WM]Member
SPG004Mr RiyazMember
SPG005Mr Abdul NasirMember
SPG006Master Isham AbdullaMember
SPG007Mr AhsfaqMember
SPG008Mr Abdul AzeezMember