Student Code of Conduct

1. Students are expected to maintain a high standard of courtesy in their speech and in their interactions with teachers, class mates and elders .

2. They must extend their courtesies to the support staff who maintain the school.

3. Students must reach the school 10 minutes before the first bell.

4. Changing classrooms between periods,if any, should be done in a quiet, orderly manner. Students should be habitually clean and always smartly dressed. The school uniform must be worn on all school days.

5. Students should take care of the school property as their own. Special care should be taken to ensure that the walls, furniture, computers and learning accessories are not subject to misuse. Any damage seen or done should be reported promptly to the class teacher or the school Principal.

6. Shouting or whistling is not allowed in the school premises.

7. Students are advised not to carry valuables to school.

8. Each student should take responsibility for his/her own belongings.

9. Students should have a deep and abiding respect for their work. Attentiveness in the class and regularity in homework and project work are of prime importance. Every student must participate in sports.

10. Personal hygiene and standard cleanliness must be maintained at all costs. Hair must be well groomed. Dyeing or colouring of hair is strictly prohibited.

11. All students are expected to converse in English within the school campus.

12. Personal electronic devices of any kind are prohibited in the school premises.

13. Students should take pride in keeping the school environment clean.