Parenting Tips

Involve your children in daily house-hold chores and encourage them to ask questions.

Encourage your children to take decisions for solving little problems independently and to learn from mistakes. This will enable the children to understand that mistakes are part and parcel of our day to day work.

Children enjoy different things and we should encourage them to explore these areas.

Share your good experiences with them and listen to their fairy tale stories and simple illustrations with interest. It creates wonderful bonding.

Let your children take measured risks. As a parent, one tends to be overprotective. This is to be avoided at times.

Let your children explain parts of their lessons or probably their simple ways at solutions to family issues. This will help them develop sequencing of their thoughts and will also make them understand “why” and “why not”.

 If your child is enjoying something and having fun playing (and maybe you are not), let him/her be. The children need to live their age.

 Your children are unique and individuals with their own strengths and limitations. Avoid comparisons and give your children the opportunities for developing their potential to the fullest.