To The Parents

1. Please check your ward’s almanac daily and ensure that, the assigned homework is done on time and do countersign the remarks made in it

2. Please contact the school to fix appointments with the grade teacher/subject teacher/ coordinator or the Principal. It is expected that classes are not disturbed; meetings would be organized accordingly

3. Please send a leave application addressed to the Principal through the grade-teacher prior to the absence of your ward duly attested by you. Half-day leave is not allowed.

4. Please don’t send your ward to school when he/she is suffering from any infectious disease

5. Parents are expected to attend all Parent – Teacher meetings held in the school from time to time

6. Please ensure that the residential and official addresses with phone numbers are correct. This is required to establish efficient communication all round

7. Please see that your ward participates in all school activities – sports, games and other co-curricular activities

8. Leave of absence will be granted only in case of an emergency

9.Keep your children fit both physically and temperamentally.

10.Ensure that they get sufficient sleep

11. Motivate them to take time daily to do something that they genuinely enjoy such as painting, working with tools, poetry etc.

12.Allot them a regular place for studying  and fix up a study table .

13.Give them a chair with a straight backrest. Only keep items which are being used on the table to avoid unnecessary overcrowding of table top.

14. Work out a time-schedule for your children and follow it.

15.Help them in setting up goals for life