Student Leave Policy

There are two types of leaves at MPIS.Excused leaves and unexcused leaves. Excused leaves are those for which the students apply and the school authority sanctions approval. Unexcused are those where parents donot inform the class coordinator or school authority

  1. All students are expected to have regular attendance in the lessons, club activities and other school programs. In case any student is unable to attend school, the following are to be observed:
    a) Students unable to come to school must send a leave letter stating the reason, which should be counter signed by his/ her parent with contact number of parents be submitted to the concerned class teacher.
    c) A student’s prolonged absence due to domestic problems and medical case has to be informed to the class teacher followed by joining application counter signed by parent/guardian and enclose copy of medical certificate (for medical reasons)
    d) Students falling sick in class and going for further treatment or going home should write application to the Principal through the class teacher.
  2. A student’s absence for more than 15 days without any information will be considered as left school for good.
  3. The class teachers will maintain the regular attendance of the class and the log book shall also be maintained by the class captains and the remarks of the student’s absence/inquiries endorsed with the signature of the subject teacher is mandatory for each period.
  4. The log book will be submitted to the Principal’s office at the end of the month and collected before 9.30 the next day for regular maintenance for each subject taught. Finished or page completed log book has to be submitted to office for future record.
  5. All students should have 90% in all subjects or otherwise will not be permitted to sit for the annual examinations. The class teachers are required to submit the attendance percentage worked out before the final examinations.
  6. Parents are not permitted to book tickets to travel abroad unless they get the approval from the Principal. Applying for leave after booking the ticket will not be considered under any circumstance
  7. Parents must produce a post treatment doctor certificate of a Registered Medical Practitioner to avail sick/treatment leaves
  8. Students will have to attend school upto the last working day which is 30th of March. Booking tickets to go abroad before that is not permitted