Support for Gifted Students/Students with Special Talents

4.44. Teachers will aim to encourage students with singular interests and/or talents in the classroom by giving them supplementary enrichment material and guidance and encouragement. Topic-centered and Project-based Clubs and Circles will be encouraged and supported at the levels of schools, school complexes, districts, and beyond. Examples include Science Circles, Math Circles, Music & Dance Performance Circles, Chess Circles, Poetry Circles, Language Circles, Drama Circles, Debate Circles, Sports Circles, Eco-Clubs, Health & Well-being Clubs/ Yoga Clubs and so on. [ NATIONAL EDUCATION POLICY 2020]

Welcome to Science Circle at MP International School

Circle Head: Nafeesath Shahnaz PM

At Science Circle, we aim to ignite the flame of curiosity and fascination for scientific wonders among young minds. Our vision is to create interest in scientific facts and events related to one’s surroundings while providing opportunities for practical application of knowledge in various branches of science.


Foster a general interest in Science.
Inculcate a scientific attitude and encourage training in Scientific methods.
Cultivate habits of exploration and creativity.
Promote healthy competition and a sense of initiative.
Develop a science-minded approach among students and the public.
Stimulate active participation in the learning process.
Keep students updated with recent advances in science.
Provide challenging opportunities to the gifted.
Our theme “Global Science for Global Well-being” reflects India’s emerging global role and rising prominence in the international arena.


The Science Circle at MP International School is all set to inspire and engage students through an array of exciting strategies. Workshops and awareness classes will provide hands-on learning opportunities, while poster making and exhibitions will encourage creative expression. Drawing competitions will ignite artistic talents, and quiz competitions will test students’ knowledge and critical thinking skills. By incorporating these dynamic strategies, the Science Circle aims to facilitate a stimulating environment, nurturing young minds with a passion for science and fostering a love for learning among our students.

Monthwise Programs for Science Circle at MP International School

July: Inauguration and Fire Rescue Training

July marks the inauguration of our Science Circle. Join us in this momentous event as we launch our journey towards scientific exploration and discovery. We will unveil the captivating Science Circle logo and commence our mission to foster curiosity and interest in various branches of science.

August: Workshop – Constructing Models In August, we will delve into the exciting world of hands-on learning with a workshop on constructing models. This workshop will link classroom learning to real-world applications, encouraging students to explore and build scientific models that illustrate various scientific concepts. Through this interactive experience, students will gain a deeper understanding of scientific principles and their practical implications.

September: Ozone Day Awareness and Poster Making On Ozone Day (16th September), we will raise awareness about the importance of protecting the ozone layer and its role in safeguarding our planet. Join us in an insightful awareness class that sheds light on ozone depletion and its consequences. Additionally, we will host a creative poster-making competition, providing students with an opportunity to express their ideas on preserving this vital component of our atmosphere.

October: Animal Welfare Day – Drawing Competition and Exhibition October brings us an exciting opportunity to champion the cause of animal welfare. On Animal Welfare Day (4th October), we will organize a drawing competition centered around the theme of animal conservation. Express your love for our animal friends through art, and let your creativity inspire others. The best drawings will be showcased in an exhibition to promote awareness and appreciation for our wildlife.

November: National Cancer Awareness Day – Service to Cancer Patients As part of our commitment to social responsibility, we will observe National Cancer Awareness Day (7th November) by reaching out to cancer patients in a nearby hospital. Let’s spread hope and joy to those battling cancer, showing them that they are not alone in their fight. Join us in providing support and care to those in need.

December: World AIDS Day – Awareness Class On World AIDS Day (1st December), we will conduct an awareness class to educate students about HIV/AIDS, its transmission, prevention, and the importance of empathy towards those affected. Knowledge is a powerful tool in combating the spread of the disease, and together, we can work towards creating a compassionate and informed community.

January: National Technology Day – Mega Exhibition on Science and Technology Embrace the wonders of technology on National Technology Day (6th January). Our Mega Exhibition on Science and Technology will showcase the latest advancements, inventions, and discoveries in the realm of science and technology. Immerse yourself in this fascinating world and witness the marvels that shape our modern lives.

February: National Science Day – Quiz Competition and ISRO Exhibition National Science Day (28th February) calls for a celebration of scientific knowledge and achievements. Engage in a thrilling quiz competition, where your knowledge and quick thinking will be put to the test. Additionally, we will host an exhibition highlighting the pioneering projects of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), inspiring the next generation of space explorers.

March: Vaccination Day and Tuberculosis Day – Awareness and Presentation March is dedicated to spreading awareness about the importance of vaccinations and tuberculosis prevention. Join us for informative sessions on these crucial health topics, followed by presentations on conducting surveys related to vaccination and tuberculosis awareness. Let’s empower ourselves and others with knowledge to promote a healthier community.

Contact Information:

Nafeesath Shahnaz PM (Circle Head)